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Business Englisch

Datum:Freitag, 26. Februar 2016
Von 10:30 bis 18:00 Uhr.
Ort:Zimmer B 200
Referent:Rechtsanwältin Margret Reichert, LL.M., Hamburg
Kosten:€ 300,00 bzw. € 150,00 für Mitglieder HAV/FORUM

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This course offers Business English for Legal Counsels and other legal personnel.

The following themes will be covered:

DAY I: Communication:
- Telephoning
- Travelling (booking a journey)
- Socializing (restaurant visit and adequate wording, small talk in general)
- Meetings ( language of meetings, practical exercises of how to set up / hold a meeting, some hints on cultural differences between British/ American/ German speakers)
- Emails and letters ( modern letter/ email writing)
- Presentations

DAY II: Negotiations and Contracts:
- Information about the Common Law System / methods of writing contracts
- Examples of structure of contract
- Some typical clauses
- Translation work: understanding the meaning of certain legal phrases
- Practical exercise: negotiating a contract with colleagues in English
- Vocabulary list on legal terminology / practical exercises
- Some useful hints

The course is aimed at anybody wishing to participate in an active way (oral and written exercises). If you do understand this text, you may easily participate. A script including a useful vocabulary list will be given out to every participant. The course will provide a lot of fun. Come and join...

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